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Forget Me Not Sweatshirt Forget Me Not Sweatshirt $50.00

Welcome to Creative Designs

Our beginning was simple. Maryjane (Mj), one of our two owners was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998 at the age of 45. After her surgery and chemo, Mj – who has always had a passion for jewelry – designed a bracelet for herself and Jennie, her sister, co-survivor and our second partner. Soon family and friends were asking for Mj’s bracelets and “Creative Designs” was born.

Our Design portfolio grew . . .

We included apparel and gifts all of which are hand-crafted using top quality materials (sterling silver and Swarovski crystals) by very talented local artists. We offered our Designs at Women’s Expos and other Breast Cancer Awareness and fundraising events with a portion of all sales donated to Breast Cancer research, education and awareness programs.

Life threw us more challenges as other family members were diagnosed with Cancer. In March 2003, Mj’s mother-in-law lost her battle with Lung and Pancreatic Cancer. In August 2003, our Dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer which metastasized to his spine. Two weeks later, Joe, Jennie’s husband, was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Both Dad and Joe underwent surgery and chemotherapy. Dad struggled and passed away in April 2004. Joe is a Colon Cancer survivor.

So our Designs expanded to include the other cancer colors . . .

While these events were happening, it was becoming noticeable that our Mom was beginning to forget more than just having a few “senior moments”. After being hospitalized due to dehydration, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

So . . . We added purple and the Forget-Me-Not flower – the color and the flower for Alzheimer’s – to our Designs and we began working with the Alzheimer’s Association.

Although we continue to fundraise through events, we decided to combine our “Designs” and open a store. Thus, “Creative Designs” opened on September 19, 2009. Our mission is to bring Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Autism Awareness to others through our Designs – Apparel, Jewelry and Gifts – and to support local non-profit organizations with a portion of our sales.


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